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The forgotten refuge - David Geoffroy | Documentary

On the outskirts of Caen, archaeologists are studying the remains left by hundreds of civilians who took refuge in an underground quarry to protect themselves from Allied bombing during the Normandy landings. In June 1944, Yvette Lethimonier was twelve years old, when she took refuge with her family and several hundred people, in this vast underground passage.

Today, Yvette is back in this refuge. Assisted by archaeologists, she descends back into the quarry, more than 20 meters underground. As she plunges back into this underground world, it is her memories that resurface. Yvette has come to make peace with a still painful past. For archaeologists, Yvetteʼs testimony is extremely valuable.

Awards: - Prix du jury – RAN 2019 – Rencontres Archéologiques de la Narbonnaise

- High School students' prize – RAN 2019 – Rencontres Archéologiques de la Narbonnaise


France Télévisions - France 3 Normandie, Court-jus Production, Inrap

Avec le soutien du Ministère de la Culture - SRA DRAC Normandie, du Conseil départemental du Calvados de la Commune de Fleury-sur-Orne

© France Télévisions - Court-jus Production - Inrap 2019

Technical information :

Directed by David Geoffroy

Music : Jérôme Marie / Franz Lehár

Voice over : Elsa Maure

Images : David Geoffroy

Editing : Xavier Franchomme

Color grading : Saul Mémeteau

Sound mixing : Pascal Busolin

With Yvette Lethimonnier, Cyril Marcigny, Laurent Dujardin, Albane Burens

Produced by Caroline Chassaing

Available with English subtitles


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