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As Polish Jews, Chaïm and Ruchla Strum owed their survival during the Second World War to the solidarity and complicity of ordinary French people. In July 1942, a Communist policeman and his wife warned them that the Vel' d'hiv round-up was imminent. The following year, at a time when their situation had become more than perilous in a France where the free zone no longer existed, a family from Vienne hid them away until the end of the war.

Eighty years later, their daughter Khaya would like these ordinary people to be recognised as Righteous Among the Nations. She can't say for sure whether her tireless commitment to asylum seekers is an unconscious way of returning the favour of solidarity and resistance across the ages. The choreography she has been working on for years with dancer friends about the flight, exile and wandering of undocumented foreigners, to whom she feels she owes unconditional help and support, resonates strikingly with her family history.

Technical details :
Name : Otherwise we are lost
Production: Court-jus Production
Director : Jean-Louis Dubois-Chabert
Format : 4K
Running time : 52 min

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