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weavers of dreams

weavers of dreams

Summary :A handful of Berber women from the Moroccan Middle Atlas, carpet weavers during their night hours, question their knowledge, their traditions, their lives and their future. They nourish in them quantity of dreams of which they sometimes let glimpse the lights. Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, all work hard in domestic chores and in the manufacture of traditional carpets. In an autarkic economy, they remain without financial autonomy or recognition of their talent. They fiercely want to tear themselves away from their condition and offer education and a future to their children. From Essaouira, on the Atlantic coast, they hear news of women, like them, who have created argan oil production cooperatives and changed their lives. Taaborth and Erkia set off as explorers and, dazzled, bring back to their sisters the images of this first trip outside their mountains and a hope.
Date:November 2015.
Duration : 52 mins
Achievement : Ithri IROUDHANE
Co-production:MPS (Morocco) / AMC2 productions / Berber TV / 2M / TL7
With the support of :CNC, The AUVERGNE Region, Support fund for French-speaking films from the South

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