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The Feasts of Luern

The Feasts of Luern

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In the first century BC, a Greek scholar named Poseidonios reported testimony about the Arverne king "Luern" and the gigantic feasts he organized. In July 2001, Matthieu Poux, archaeologist author of a thesis on Gallic feasts, undertakes excavations on the site of the plateau of Corent in Auvergne. Research focuses on a quadrangle enclosure of about 60 m. side, located in the center of a vast oppidium of 70 hectares. The discoveries there are spectacular: elements of ornaments and armament, "ghost" imprints of massive wooden buildings and above all thousands of remains of animals and wine amphoras: the remains of gigantic feasts...


Awards & Festivals:

- Prix DRAC Picardie "Best documentary on metropolitan archaeology"
9th Amiens Archeology Film Festival - 2008.
- Opening night of the 5th International Archaeological Film Festival of Nyon (Switzerland) - 2007
- AGON - 7th International Meeting of Archaeological Film of the Mediterranean Area - Athens (Greece) - 2008
- ICRONOS - 11th Bordeaux International Archaeological Film Festival - 2008
- FICAB - VIIth Festival Internacional de Cine Archeologico del Bidasoa - Irun (Spain) - 2008
- 18th Rassegna Internazionale del Cinema Archeologico - Rovereto (Italy) - 2008
- 10th Belgrad Archaeological Film Festival - Belgrade (Serbia) - 2009
- Third International Archaeological Film Festival of Besançon - 2009
- AIRCHEO - Francophone Archaeological Film Festival of Toulouse - 2009


With the participation of :

- Auvergne Regional Council
- General Council of Puy-de-Dôme
- Gergovie Val d'Allier Community


Scientific direction:

Matthieu Poux - archaeologist, Professor of Archeology - University Lumière - Lyon 2


In collaboration with :

- The Association for Research on the Iron Age in Auvergne (ARAFA)
- The archaeological park of Beynac
- LUERN - University Laboratory for Teaching and Research in National Archeology
- UMR 8546 - AOROC - Ecole Normale Supérieure - CNRS



Name : The Feasts of Luern

Year of production : 2007

Production : Court-Jus Production

Realization : David GEOFFROY

Format : 16/9

Duration : 52 min

Condition: New

Collection: "Memory of the soil"

Documentary based on the excavations of Corent (63)


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