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Wine from the lands of Lyon

Wine from the lands of Lyon

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After its conquest by Julius Caesar, Gaul became Roman and gradually adopted the culture of its occupants. New cities are born, while the cultivation of the vine spreads in the countryside. This process is particularly rapid in the Lyon region. In 43 BC, the foundation of a Roman colony saw the arrival of the first settlers from Italy, who brought with them their know-how and their way of life. Its entire territory, dedicated to supplying the city, is covered with vast agricultural estates and villas equipped with all modern comforts: private baths, kitchens, basins, sumptuous decorations... Former soldier originally from Italy, Staius Regilius is the proud owner of one of these sumptuous rural palaces. He tells us his story, intimately linked to that of his wine estate located in the heart of the colonial territory of Lugdunum, the capital of the Gauls.


Awards & Festivals:

- Jury Prize  – Grand Narbonne archeology film meetings – 2015

- Best Archeology Film Award (Grand Prize)  –  9th Archeology Film Festival ofNyon- 2015

- Audience award  –  9th International Archeology Film Festival ofNyon- 2015

- Prize “ science and culture ”– 23rd International Festival OENOVIDEO  – 2016

- 2nd Prize– MFAF, International Archaeological Film Festival ofSplit(Croatia)  – 2018



Name :  Wine from the lands of Lyon - 20 centuries of vines on the banks of the Rhône

Year of production : 2013

Production : AMC2 Productions & Court-jus Production

Realization : David GEOFFROY

Format : HD

Duration : 52 min


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