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The people of the dunes

The people of the dunes


On a beach in Normandy, unprecedented archaeological discoveries lead a team of archaeologists on the trail of a Celtic people whose culture seems to differ from that of their neighbors in the rest of Gaul. Under the fine sand, exceptionally well-preserved remains are gradually resurfacing. Time is running out before sea erosion will forever destroy the last traces of the life of the men and women who lived here between the 2nd and 1st centuries BC. Little by little, the investigation allows to get an idea of the way of life of this people of the seaside and the links that they maintained with the Mediterranean world and with the populations of the island of Brittany, the current England. .



- “Paolo Orsi” Grand Prize– 30th international archaeological film festival ofRovereto2019

- Special Jury Prize– 11th FIFAN, International Archaeological Film Festival ofNyon2019- Prize for the best film devoted to archeology– DRAC Hauts-de-France - 2020

Documentary - 52 minutes

Directed by David Geoffrey

Music: Fabien Bosdedore. Voice-over: Elsa Moor

Images: David Geoffroy. Editing: Julien Peray. Sound mixing: Audrey Daram

With Anthony Lefort, Stéphane Rottier, Claire-Elise Fisher, Philip de Jersey and Barry Cunliffe

Produced by Caroline Chassaing

On-air and France 3 Normandy program delegate: Vincent Robert


A co-production

France Televisions - France 3 Normandy, Court-jus Production, AMC2 Productions

With the support

of the CNC and the Municipality of La Hague

© France Télévisions - AMC2 Productions - Court-jus Production 2019

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