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Briga, the forgotten city

Briga, the forgotten city

Summary :

Mysterious ruins emerge in the middle of a Norman forest at a place called "Bois-l'Abbé" near the town of Eu. The first archaeological research conducted on the site in the 19th century suggests the presence of a monumental Roman sanctuary. . In the early 2000s, while the site was subject to numerous lootings, new archaeological excavations were undertaken by the archaeologist Etienne Mantel. Faced with the extent of the discoveries, Etienne suspects the forest of actually sheltering the remains of a Roman city that has fallen into oblivion. Over the course of the excavation campaigns, the site gradually reveals its secrets and Etienne's intuition is confirmed: it is a real city that resurfaces. Spectacular discoveries follow one another until the one dreamed of by many archaeologists: the discovery of the name of the unknown city: BRIGA.



Audience award - 12th Nyon International Archaeological Film Festival 2021

Special Jury Prize - 12th Nyon International Archaeological Film Festival 2021


Production :

Court-jus Production - France Televisions / France 3 Normandy


With the support of :

CNC - National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image

Ministry of Culture / DRAC Normandy, Regional Archeology Service


Scientific advisors:Etienne Mantel and Jonas Paretias

Technical sheet :

Last name :Briga

Year of production :2020

Production :Short-juice Production

Achievement :David Geoffrey


Duration :52 mins

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