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Neanderthal, in the steps of another humanity- David Geoffroy | Documentary

Threatened by marine erosion and global warming, the site of Le Rozel, delivers rare vestiges of the daily life of Neanderthal groups who occupied this remarkable point of the Normandy coast, about 80 000 years ago. Among these fragile remains, about 3,000 footprints have been unearthed by archaeologists: the largest collection of prehistoric footprints in the world.

As the discoveries are made, the archaeological investigation takes us on a journey through time, in the footsteps of this other humanity that has now disappeared.

Production :

Court-jus Production - France Télévisions / France 3 Normandie

With the support of :

CNC - Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée

DRAC Normandie / Préfet de Normandie

SOS NEANDEROZEL & Communauté d'Agglomération du Cotentin

Scientific advisors : Dominique Cliquet, Bruno Maureille

With the participation of : Matt Pope, Ashleigh Wiseman, Alexia Hermier, Gilles Laisné et Quentin Goffette

Original drawings : Emmanuel Roudier

3D : Nicolas Cayré

Technical informations :

Title : Neanderthal, on the steps of another humanity

Year of production : 2022

Production : Court-jus Production

Director : David Geoffroy

Format : 4K

Duration : 52 min


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