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In the heart of Auvergne, the Puy de Dôme overlooks the volcanoes of the Puy chain. From the city of Clermont-Ferrand, you just need to look up to admire the tall silhouette of the dormant volcano. It is there, like a lighthouse guiding travelers, an immutable guardian of the horizon and an essential weather witness for the inhabitants of lower Auvergne.

From generation to generation, the men and women who were born and live in the department to which it gave its name maintain a special link with this strange volcano. For those whom life has taken away from their native land, the return home is inevitably marked by a feeling of calm at the mere sight of the silhouette of the giant emerging on the horizon: the feeling of "coming home", finally .

Since the Gallo-Romans who built one of the largest sanctuaries in the Roman West at the summit, the site has been the scene of numerous human adventures: scientific experiments, technical or sporting exploits. Through the long and rich history of the dormant volcano, another story is revealed: the universal story of the link that unites Man and the landscape. But this story also raises many questions linked to the evolution of the landscape under human action or to the perverse effects of excessive tourism.

Technical details :

Name: The Sleeping Giant

Year of production: 2022

Production: Court-Jus Production

Director: David Geoffroy

Format: 4K

Duration: 25 mins

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