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Corent, a journey to the heart
of a Gallic town

Archaeological research undertaken since 2001 on the puy de Corent has uncovered a Gallic metropolis extending over several dozen hectares. For the researchers, there is no doubt: this oppidum was indeed the capital of the Arvernes in the 1st century BC.

Today, we invite you to immerse yourself in the heart of this town, wandering at your leisure through the different parts of the city and discovering scenes of daily life with breathtaking realism. The sanctuary, the focal point of the tour, is open to you in every detail. This entertaining and educational work is the fruit of a very long scientific reconstruction: its producers have been working on it for over 10 years, in close collaboration with archaeologists.

In Gallic times, the Corent plateau was home to a vast oppidum, which appears to have been the capital of the Arvernes before the Roman conquest.

Excavations carried out on the site since 2001 have identified a large earth and wood sanctuary dating from the late Iron Age, between 150 and 50 BC, which was replaced by another sanctuary in Roman times. The squares, residential and commercial areas and public buildings found in the vicinity of the temple point to a very elaborate urban planning scheme for this oppidum.

To give the public a chance to discover this site, none of whose remains are still visible, the County Council is investing in the landscaping of the Corent sanctuary (scheduled to open to the public in spring 2011).

Technical details :
Director : Vanessa Goncalves, Camille Mouchet & David Geoffroy
Production : Court-jus Production
Format : website

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