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The construction site of a Lycée in the commune of Riom in the Puy-de-Dôme region is an opportunity for archaeologists to excavate the remains of a "native farm" dating from the 2nd century BC. This Gallic farming settlement is reminiscent of the "Pâtural" site, discovered a few kilometres away in the 1980s. These sites, contemporaneous with the first 'capital' of the Arverne people (the Gallic settlement of Aulnat-Gandaillat), bear witness to a territorial organisation common to the whole of Gaul. Little by little, the whole organisation of the Gallic occupation of the Auvergne Limagne plain is revealed...

Scientific advisors: Audrey Pranyies (Archéodunum France) Yann Deberge (Inrap - ARAFA) A co-production Court-jus Production - Archeodunum In partnership with ARAFA and BIBRACTE With the support of the Conseil Régional d'Auvergne and the Conseil Général du Puy-de-Dôme.

With the participation of :
Vincent Guichard (BIBRACTE), Audrey Praniyès (ARCHEODUNUM), Yann Deberge (ARAFA / INRAP), John Collis (University of Sheffield), Manon Cabanis (INRAP), Sylvain Foucras (ARAFA) and Lionel Orengo (ARCHEODUNUM / ARAFA)

Technical details :
Director : David Geoffroy
Co-production : Court-jus Production
Format : HD
Running time : 52 min

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